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Faster and cleaner-cutting than a dado set, these accessories make tight-fitting tenons in no time. At first glance, a tablesaw tenoning jig looks intimidating with all those knobs and movable parts. Popular sentiment among woodworkers suggests that all tenoning jigs are the same, so you should just buy the least expensive one you can find.
Using a dado set to cut tenons on a workpiece laid horizontally on the saw invariably leaves ridges and shallow grooves on the tenon cheeks that weaken the joint (unless you tediously sand or hand-plane them smooth). Looking at the Tenoning Jig Anatomy photo, you'll see that each jig has two main functional areas: the work-holding area (components labeled in gray), and a workpiece-positioning area (parts marked in black) that controls the size of the tenon.

To use the jig, clamp the workpiece with one face against the support plate and one edge against the fence. The simple and repetitive process typically requires repositioning both the clamp and the sliding base when you switch from cutting face cheeks to cutting edge cheeks (unless your workpiece and tenons are square). Those content above is detail information of [Sell Tenoning Jig for Table Saw], If you want to get more information about product price,type,function and so on, Please contact us soon. But a tablesaw tenoning jig secures the workpiece on its end to cut the cheeks with an ordinary saw blade [top photo], leaving them jointer-smooth. Half of the jigs in our test were pretty much interchangeable, but one stood clearly above the rest.

Now, secure the sliding-base lock and make the cut by pushing the jig and workpiece through the blade.

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