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As you may know, here at Tadas Wood Flooring, we like to continually keep up with the latest flooring technology and make sure we’re on the cutting edge of offering hardwood floor refinishing services in Naperville and the surrounding area. Funny enough, most of the newest upgrades and features with vacuums is not from within the hardwood flooring industry – it’s from the concrete guys. So we’re happy to announce that we just upgraded our vacuum system to include the latest and greatest DustPro 600! Ok… for the men reading here that just have to know these super important things, here’s the coolest detail – this vacuum has 600 CFM!
With this new vacuum we can run all our machines off of it at the same time, as you can see in the picture below.
Hi there im just asking about the vacume dustless, I was just wondering how many AM it has and what kind of bag does it use.

Our team of trained professionals is now pleased to offer the latest in dustless refinishing of hardwood floors. We work all over the metro we have installed hardwood floors in Overland Park KS, Olathe KS, Lenexa and many more cities within Johnson County. With our vacuum systems you can now enjoy up to 97% dust free included in all of our refinishing jobs. You can read about our 101% Dustless System we offer our clients that don’t want to deal with floor sanding dust (which can be a HUGE hassle) here. But like all technology, things are always being bettered and enhanced and the dustless sanding equipment field is no different. When you think about how fine concrete dust is it makes sense that they would be continually working on making the perfect vacuums for their industry.

We can bring this vacuum system inside, or in good weather have it set-up on your porch or deck, and it won’t bother your neighbors at all.
When you have us come over to provide our Hardwood Flooring Audit, feel free to ask any other questions you have about our dustless set-up and we’ll be pleased to tell you all about it. All your fears about the huge mess that can be made from having your hardwood floors sanded are a thing of the past.
Lightly mist your hardwood floors, straight out of the bottle either cleaner, so that your mop will glide easily across the floor.

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