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Across North America, more deer are harvested each year from treestands than by any other method. The biggest challenge most of us face with our hunting is limited time, so it's important to do everything we can to place our treestands in an area with the greatest chances of encountering game. Gorilla Treestands Kong Expedition HX LadderThe 16-foot Expedition HX Ladder delivers comfort and safety with Gorilla’s new weatherproof, contoured Comfort Mesh Seat, designed to reduce peak pressure points during long sits. We'd been watching a 150-class whitetail work that block of woods and figured it would be a great archery deer for my wife.

This is not to suggest that field edge treestands don't have a place; on the contrary in fact. Whenever you set a treestand, first and foremost determine whether it will be used for bow or gun hunting.
For me picking a tree or area for my either treestand or ground blind start a few months before the season even starts. Through trial and error, I've learned some significant 'dos' and 'don'ts' when it comes to treestand placement.

By looking at actual photos of the area, you will inevitably pinpoint likely areas for a treestand.

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