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I made a wooden jig to hold the blade at a correct angle so I could use my bench grinder to sharpen chisels and planes.
This sharpening jig holds a chisel or plane blade securely, can slide accurately across the bench grinder wheel, and can be adjusted for many angles from 90 degrees to 20 or so degrees.
The jig is bolted to the workbench but I cut a slot in the base so I can adjust it and move it forward or back.

After trimming the threaded rod and placing the chisel in position I checked that everything was square and that the angle was good and slowly started grinding. I only had one butterfly nut, I'll get another.The bottom section of the holder fits exactly into the slot in the jig. I've ground the back flat and the end that is near the edge is very clean and now will grind the nick out before actually grinding the angle.

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