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The Folklife Apprenticeships pair an experienced master artist with an apprentice for a one-on-one, nine-month learning experience, in order to ensure that a particular art form is passed on in ways that are conscious of history and faithful to tradition. Throughout your Apprenticeship programme you will gain experience in all the trades mentioned giving you the opportunity to decide which specific trade you would like to pursue. The Apprenticeship is a combination of training and experience gained as an employee in the workplace.

An apprenticeship gives you the opportunity to complete qualifications and training whilst being paid as well as learning the theoretical knowledge and the practical skills that complement each other and enable you to understand both aspects of the job. You will be supported by Skills UK staff on and off site throughout your Apprenticeship to enable you to overcome any barriers that may prevent progression at college or at work. Horticulture Apprenticeships - If your career preference is horticulture your Apprenticeship will involve carrying out the services required by our customers.

To apply for any of our apprenticeships or for more information please complete our enquiry form.

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