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In 1986, several local Lancaster businessmen acquired a small woodworking operation and Garrard County Wooodworking Products, Inc. In 2000 the operations were purchased by Garrard Wood Products and our first simple built-in cabinets were added to our product line.
The primary wood products sector includes firms that harvest, transport and perform the initial processing of logs. Table 1 shows the breakdown of each sector based on the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) and the corresponding 2013 data on establishments, employment and average wage from the Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages (QCEW) produced by the U.S. The wood products industry tends to follow the economic cycles, thus it’s of interest to see if that trend held true since 2000 (2013 is the most recent data year available).
The primary wood products sector consists of firms that harvest, transport and conduct the initial processing of logs.
Businesses in the secondary wood products sector further add value to wood by drying, planing, cutting and assembling wood products into parts or finished products. The ancillary sector includes firms related to the forestry industry but that are not directly a part of the primary or secondary wood product sectors. Of the top 10 employing counties in 2013, 90 percent lost workers in the past decade—culminating to a total of 4,815 jobs. Indiana’s forests produce high quality wood that is converted into many different uses.
Within the wood products industry, the state is known for its hardwoods, especially oak and hickory. By adding additional value to wood, the secondary wood products sector includes businesses that dry, plane, cut and assemble wood products into parts or finished products.
As of 2013, the top three counties that employ wood products industry workers were Dubois, Elkhart and Marion counties.
Since the end of the recession, Vigo County has seen the most expansion (1,467 percent) followed by Warrick county (255 percent) and White county (146 percent).

Forty percent of this rebound came from the wood kitchen cabinet and countertop manufacturing industry. Since the end of the recession, only 17 counties have seen employment growth in this sector, with LaGrange County leading the pack with 167 new jobs (78 percent growth).
Indiana is fortunate to have a productive and high quality stand of forestland, yet the industry is vulnerable to economic cycles. The product line grew over the years from simple flat panel doors to a varied line of custom raised panel doors, wainwoating, bar panels, face frames and furniture components.
We will continue to invest in the business with equipment that provides a high quality product, people with the skills to do the job and systems to process your order quickly.
The final ancillary sector is comprised of firms that are related to the industry, but are not directly a part of either primary or secondary wood product sectors. Figure 1 shows the general trend of the employment and establishments over time for Indiana in both aggregate and by wood products sector. These jobs are present throughout the state: the top three employing counties being Johnson, Clark and Dubois counties (see Figure 2). However, Vigo and Warrick counties have lost a total of 173 jobs in the past decade—thus it appears they are rebounding. Dubois County remains the hub of secondary wood production in Indiana with over 6,452 employees followed by Elkhart County (4,902 employees). Counties with the strongest percent gains in employment since the end of the recession had relatively small initial employment numbers (fewer than 25 employees). Elkhart remains the county with the largest pool of ancillary wood products industry workers (1,880), due to the presence of manufactured home manufacturing firms (see Figure 4). Eleven percent of all exported agricultural products are wood products, but that has not kept the pace with other agriculture exports. This article will explore Indiana’s wood products industry and articulate the economic trends before and after the Great Recession.

Table 2 shows the counties with the most substantial employment change in percentage terms since 2000. On the other end of the spectrum, several counties are still shedding jobs, such as Hamilton County (80 percent), Sullivan County (59 percent) and Floyd County (31 percent).
All other counties have significantly fewer employees than these two counties (see Figure 3). Jay, Grant, Kosciusko and Putnam counties were exceptions, which collectively have seen a growth of 982 employees since 2010.
The next largest employing county was Marion County (700 employees), likely due to the large number of wood products’ wholesalers. It is still speculated that this sector may be increasing the use of automated production, thus eliminating positions formerly held by individuals. Opportunities abound to further enhance the value of Indiana wood products to the economy through its export channels. Hancock County led the way with a 381 percent change in employment since 2000, largely due to expansions within the secondary wood products sector.
Counties who used to have a workforce greater than 200 in secondary wood products, yet have experienced a continuous decline in employment in the last decade include Wayne, Harrison, Carroll, Shelby and Miami counties. Ripley County, the home of burial casket manufacturing firms, ranked third with 440 workers in 2013.
Wabash County had one of the largest losses in employment, due to drawdowns in both primary and secondary wood products establishments.
In total, these counties have lost 1,713 employees since 2003 with 367 employees lost after the recession.

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