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To haul rakes, hoes and other small equipment to his rented garden space several blocks from home, my brother designed a two-wheeled cart he can hook to the back of his bicycle. The second back-saver cart, made from two tricycle wheels (top), carries a sturdy plastic tub bolted to its undercarriage. Then, my oldest son, while working cheerfully with me in the yard one day, mentioned that he had heard there are some solid tires sold for garden carts, wagons, and wheelbarrows.
That was about nine months ago. This month, I finally thought I could get my mind around taking the tires off of the cart to take them in. With all four tires successfully removed, we headed out to the tire store, our friendly neighborhood Les Schwab. When he came back, he had a piece of ? inch diameter metal conduit (like what is used to house electrical wires) cut to the length of the part of the axle that the tire hub needed to fit more snuggly on.

He has another inexpensive idea for fixing the back two tires, so I’ll get back to you when he does that. One is a two-wheeled platform cart fashioned from an ironing board bent in the middle so the legs become handles.
They use this cart to easily move any small load — from flats of seedlings and bags of fertilizer to heavy pots of flowers and an assortment of trowels and clippers. Without any laughing, at least where I could see him, he told me the middle bolt is what holds the tire-wheel component to the axle. As we wandered the seasonally rearranged aisles, low and behold, there were shelves of small tires!
Meanwhile, I am feeling inspired about my fall clean-up with my newly outfitted garden cart.

These tires are heavier, adding to the total pre-load weight of the cart, but they never go flat. He helped us carry our old tires back out to the car and even gave my engineer a couple of hints about what we might need to think about for putting the D&B tires on the cart. Then, he pulled out a stubby piece of ? inch conduit that had been cut to fill the space between the tire hub and the bolt. The other bolt was sticking out in the middle, but I didn’t see what it had to do with the tire.

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