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Dark black stains in wood furniture, especially on tabletops, is typically caused by water.
I have used this product to remove dark stains on many different pieces of mid-century teak furniture, which typically has an oil finish, rather than varnish.
If you wish, you can first apply a small amount to an inconspicuous area of the wood surface, to make sure it does not have a negative affect.
You can apply it with a disposable paint brush, covering the entire stain, and then let it sit until it dries out.
In this image I have done several applications of the Barkeeper's Friend paste, and you can see that while a stain still remains, it has become considerably lighter. If you notice any subtle lightening of the normal wood color in the area of the stain as a result of the application, you can apply a coating of the paste to the entire surface being treated, so that the color remains consistent over the whole surface as the stain is being treated.
This image shows a teak veneer secretary desk that has a large dark stain in the lower corner, and a few smaller stains on the same side. A solvent that will remove any remaining paint and remove any residue from the stripping process. When you are ready to get started, put on your chemical splash goggles and solvent-resistant gloves.

With the right stain stripper, a few hours and a little guidance from our pros, you can restore wood back to its original unfinished state and turn your smoky-brown bench into a blonde beauty. If you are working with a piece of furniture or other object that has removable hardware, such as handles or other ornaments, remove these first and set them aside. If the piece you are working on has a lot of intricate detail, such as sculpted carvings, make sure to use the tips of your brush to work the stripper into the recesses of the wood.
Water contains trace particles of iron, which reacte with the tannins present in wood, creating a dark stain.
This is what I used to bleach out all of the iron oxide stains that are shown on this page, often with dramatic results. If your dark stain is under varnish, you may have to strip off the varnish layer before you can chemically treat the stain. I have not had any negative effects thus far, on any of the furniture I have used this solution on. It generally takes a few applications, although you should see the stain growing lighter each time.
The oxalic acid in Barkeeper's Friend cleaners is also very useful for removing metal pot marks from porcelain kitchen sinks, as it eats away these metal markings.

The paint will start to bubble up and swell, and this will show that the finish is separating itself from the surface. Allow liquid to evaporate and residue to dry outdoors then dispose of in accordance with federal, state and local regulations. The stain itself could be described as a kind of rust stain, and the best way I have found to remove these stains is with Oxalic Acid. In the event you see no change after several applications, it may be the case that the stain has resulted from some other cause, such as from food, wine, etc., and might be better removed with hydrogen peroxide, or regular bleach.
With a low-grit abrasive pad or plastic stripping tool, gently remove stripper, which will be combined with old finish. The image above shows a mid-century Lane coffee table made of oak and walnut, with a very dark water stain.

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