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Warm plank hardwood floors and a transitional staircase welcomes you as you enter the house.
Great laundry room design featuring durable floors, plenty of workspace and loads of storage! Taking a little break from the blog last week really got me inspired and I can’t tell you how excited I am to share the new 2015 Coastal Virginia Magazine Idea House. Nothing was overlooked in this home, from the decor to the timeless architectural details with a casual yet elegant approach. Master trim work on both floors of the home stands out and elevates its charm to a new level. In my opinion, one of the best crisp white paint color for base boards and millwork is Sherwin Williams SW7005 Pure White in an exterior acrylic latex paint. A deep portal between the dining room and the foyer not only allows space for two flanking coat closets, but provides visual separation without bulk while drawing people in, as do paneled knee walls with square column details between the dining and family rooms.
Dining room set is Stanley Furniture Coastal Living Resort Soledad Promenade Dining Room Set.
High-end, perfectly proportioned, crisp white moldings, casings, wainscoting, built-in bookshelves, five-panel doors and a coffered ceiling in the main floor family room unify the spaces with a clean, streamlined look that creates an effortless continuity.
Also in the living room, an identical pair of antique-mirrored coffee tables and a long narrow sofa table reflect the abundance of light drenching this home. A signature of Stephen Alexander homes is open and airy living spaces, and the Coastal Virginia Magazine Idea House takes this family-friendly feature to a new level with a 13-foot kitchen island (able to accommodate five barstools) that serves as the hub of the home. The centerpiece of the expansive coastal kitchen with its professional-grade Thermador appliances—including a 38-inch, French-style hood over the deluxe range—is a custom, 13-foot kitchen island with furniture detailing. Soft aqua blue walls further open up this sunny space with its vast windows and soaring ceiling, while black and white accents offer a spunky, retro feel.

Look for a coffered ceiling in the main living space, five-panel doors, interior transoms, and high-end molding—picture frame, beadboard and crown—throughout. The Idea House’s back porch blurs the line between inside and out and leads the way to a half-acre lot landscaped with native vegetation. A fully fenced front and backyard allows for ample privacy, and an outdoor shower complete with surfboard doors offers a space to rinse off before stepping back inside, onto the handscraped, wide-plank hardwoods. Two galvanized metal buckets glued together top-to-top form a nightstand that doesn’t take up a lot of horizontal space and galvanized plumbing pipes and fittings make a handsome, full-size headboard. As an interior designer, I have a great appreciation for her ability to keep all the rooms feeling connected yet keeping their own identity. A framed cork display strip encircles the room and wall-mounted nautical cleats from a local discount department store serve as hooks for clothing, hats and backpacks. Contemporary homes are all about rooms that flow into one another without any visual obstacles. While most of us are excited about shopping for these additions to a new home, planning and decorating an interior is all about utilizing available space to the hilt. And an open floor plan does exactly that with style and panache!Incorporating an open floor plan does not mean that each individual area cannot have an identity of its own.
If anything, interiors look all the more appealing when a subtle yet distinct difference exists between the living room, kitchen and dining area that make up the open floor plan.
Paths of TravelThe best way to not just organize a space without walls, but also to plan for it is by starting with a list of functional spaces that you will need in the larger, open area. This is not as hard as it sounds–you just need to have clarity about how you will utilize the open floor plan.
These wall-less corridors and walkways are the simplest way in which you can organize your open floor plan.

Since the partition does not hinder your line of sight, the open and airy appeal of the room is not lost.The flow of natural light and the views offered by the room are also left untouched, and most glass partitions can be moved around or even removed completely with little effort.
Wooden Slats and Plasterboard WallsSkillfully placed wooden slats that double as elegant walls and plasterboard walls with windows are an option for those who wish to get the best of both worlds.
Both solutions are especially useful in creating a semi-open kitchen in an open floor plan that shares a common theme with the adjoining space.9.
Since an open floor plan demands one uniform backdrop for the entire floor, employ a single neutral color for the walls. But pops of accent colors in the living room in the form of throw pillows, dining table chairs with distinct hues, and kitchen cabinets in interesting colors can create several rooms within the single large space. Decor and DrapesWhile an open floor plan looks really amazing when it is kept neat and tidy, it is definitely not for those who tend to put off cleaning weekend after weekend! Drapes are a simple solution to this problem, as they allow you to switch between private enclosures and open rooms with ease.
Do not be afraid to use the back of your sofa or a small shelf as a simple divider!These ideas should help you in creating spaces with distinct borders in an open floor plan and should give your home a far more organized, tidy appeal. Just make sure that every piece of decor looks proportional when placed next to the other and you have a cozy, contemporary home that embraces openness with flair!

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