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The pergola roof is a natural extension of the home while the power base post caps cordon off the traditionally sunny area for casual conversation, leaving open the mostly shady dining area near the grill. A free-standing pergola shade structure finishes this paver patio that boasts a split-level bar with fireplace, and creates an even more compelling invitation to this outdoor kitchen and dining island oasis. Canopy awnings are fabric-roofed structures supported by a freestanding, rigid frame that's bolted to your deck.
Pros: Canopy awnings are good for full shading of compact decks or partial shading of larger decks. If you want a shade structure that naturally blends both in size and style with your deck or patio, build your own pergola or awning structure. Pros: Retractable awnings provide instant shade or quickly roll up when you don't need them.
Installation: While we don't recommend this as a do-it-yourself project for novices, a homeowner with basic carpentry skills could complete the job with a helper (the awnings are too heavy to set in place by yourself).

This deck plan is for a large, single level deck with a pergola to provide shade from the hot summer sun.
This deck plan is for a medium size, low, single level deck with planter boxes built into the deck beside the stairs. There is a pergola installed above this deck to provide shade on those scorching summer days. This deck plan is for a beautiful large, high, two level deck with a privacy screen and a pergola along the left side of the lower deck. A pergola plan is perfect for your patio, sitting area or walkway.Taken from the Latin word pergula, which means “projecting eave,” pergola roofs are as popular as ever.
The plans include a plan for the deck, plus a plan for a seperate, free standing pergola that can be installed elsewhere in the yard to provide a second shaded seating area. The fabric and structure can withstand rain, hail and strong winds (although the company recommends removing the shade cloth if a hurricane is imminent).

The plan features a roof over the main area of the deck with detailed plans for the roof construction.
Since it's a permanent structure that doesn't retract, the canopy has no moving parts that can jam or break. Whether freestanding or attached to a garden wall or roof, pergolas blend shade and sun for any social setting.

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