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This type of wooden mailbox is along the lines of 'letterboxes' more likely to be found in the City Suburbs of Australasia. This particular wooden mailbox can be attached to the side of a post or any other structure. This project is covered in two pages, firstly the mailbox plans followed by instructions on how to build the mailbox.
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So remember, if you plan on building your own mailbox, take these points into consideration. However a brick mailbox will require a lot of time and money before your project is complete. Along with wood, they’re some of the nicest looking mailboxes you can own, especially if you have a brick house. Wooden mailboxes, depending on which type you build can look much nicer than their metal counterparts. People get extremely creative using statues, animals, flower planters, old appliances, and any many other unique items when building their mailboxes.

Planning, designing, and making a wooden mailbox is moderately easy if you have woodworking experience.
Planning, designing, and creating your own is both easy and inexpensive and a good way to make your house more attractive. You will be required to re-stain the mailbox every couple years in order to keep it safe from the elements.

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