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Our lineup of hollow wooden paddleboard kits has been inspired by our commitment to create boards that perform as great as they look. There are many choices that must be made in order to get your hollow wood board project started.
It requires a vision, and a plan with flexibility to make the complex form take shape. Glassing wood with epoxy was at the time I started building my boards, not something as mainstream as it is now.

Some of our shapes will be available as framing kits and some will be available both as framing kits and as downloadable plans. Photos of our lineup of handmade wood paddleboards and wood paddles, in the shop and in the field. What I've done has been to take the basic Tom Blake idea of a skinned, stringer and ribbed paddleboard, and brings it forward to contemporary. The progression to simpler construction methods has moved forward to the point where gluing jigs aren't needed on most boards.

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