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It takes only a little time, money, and effort to build one of these rugged - yet simple - flat bottom skiffs.
Plans include FULL-SIZE PATTERNS for temporary frames, transom, and stem, instructions, matieral listings, and fastening schedule.
It's better than the round bowl-like skin boats of ancient times but some easy to make improvements could be made. A lot of the strength and stiffness of plywood boats comes from bending the plywood and then locking that bend in place. Glueing up some long plywood panels, bend them in place and stitch & glue them together is the quickest option for a nice fun boat.

Simple joining methods detailed on the plans allow you to use 8' plywood throughout with either exterior or marine grade panels (full-length panels are optional). You can get plans for flat bottom skiffs for next to nothing and hundreds in this general size range for less then $50. Personally I don't think any of the many plans for a simple flat bottom skiff you can buy for a usually very modest fee is any better than Steves or Hannus plans.
Use the ROW OPTION with rockered bottom profile if you favor easy rowing or smaller motors and lower speeds under power. Construction takes place over three temporary forms set up on a simple building base for accuracy.

I say this because prepared plans will insure you float with the deck sides, facing up come launch day, which very possably wouldn't be the case, considering your yacht design and structure engineering skill levels at present. Even the free plans available, particularly from Hannu's pages, he uses a free hull design program which indicates, by waterlines, the efficiency of the boats hull.
If you purchase plans from PARs recommendations, you will discover it is hard to find boat plans with angled bottom edges.

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