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Construction of a Custom StandFor a 75 Gallon Fish AquariumAfter talking about it for years, we finally decided to embark on a new hobby of fishkeeping.Myself being the sort who is incapable of doing much on a small scale, I suggested we start with a 75 gallon aquarium. Talk about your profit margin.These are very popular stands, made by one of the top companies and found in every fish store, so they must be adequate for the job.
I looked around the net for some plans, just to save designing something from scratch, but the majority of what I found was just how to make the same thing I saw in the store. In addition to giving the stand more strength, this will give something attach the finish material to on the outside.

After all I know alot of herp keepers enjoy their fish quariums as well.Also, this same stand will work for a standard 90 gallon tank as well. Its been snowing for sometime here and I'm hoping it will let up so I can get outside and finish the stand. Take your time on this step, and make sure the doors are placed where you want them before attaching them to the hinges.You may also want to cut a 1x2 to fit under the top frame on each side between the center brace and the corner post.
Stain it the color of your choice, and attach the door pulls and you have a nice furniture quality stand that will support 10 times the weight of a store bought one for less than half the cost.Here is a picture of the finished stand in use.

If I do decide to do that, I will add that to this page.The retail price for a 48" aquarium strip light is around $82 here, and I will not pay that much money for a plastic flourescent strip light.

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