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Set up your tablesaw for square and accurate cuts using this straightforward procedure and economical tools: two rare earth magnets and a framing square.
On its own the tablesaw rips boards to width, cuts them to precise length, and makes a variety of angled cuts.
UdyRegan writes: Most people do like to use the saws with the guards off as they find them annoying, but my gripe is that guards in some saw models are so flawed in designed that its frustrating not to be able to use them. There is a "Table Saw Safety Guide" which lives on my table saw as the least expensive, most practical safety equipment which also allows you to cut an arrow straight line and eliminate a lot of sanding. Al1961 writes: I am new to woodworking and wonder why it warns about pulling the stock through the blade.
Case in point, when I was much younger one of my friends walked into a sawmill as the saw grabbed the flitch and removed his head from eyebrows up.
If you don't use saw a guard where ever possible, I recommend Russian roulette, you won't bleed as long that way, unless you have your U-Beaut saw stop. Curteshelman writes: I have been in lots of shops and never seen anyone using a blade guard on a table saw. While at my favorite woodworking supply shop, there were 3 or 4 representatives from a named blade mfg.
MBerger writes: You can use the online Tool Guide to browse all the tablesaws we've reviewed in the magazine.

This Method of Work tip will save you shop space and give you a versatile router table to work on. If this plan interests you stay tuned for Fine Woodworking's 2010 Tools & Shops issue, due out this fall. Turn the tablesaw off and allow the blade to stop spinning before you pick up stock or scrap.
If crosscutting a long workpiece, use a long miter gauge fence or a sled and support the far end of the board hanging off the table. Don't use the miter gauge for wide workpieces that force the miter gauge off the front of the table.
Click on the "Tool Guide" link in the top navigation then navigate to the section on tablesaws. One day when I pulled out the right side extension of the table I saw the potential to build an insert to accommodate a router. You can remove it to clear the entire table for ripping plywood or any large stock in about ten seconds! Also put a paddle of some sort over the switch so you can hit the paddle with your foot or hip to turn off the saw--that way, you can keep your hands on the board or panel if it starts to shift and you want to turn off the saw.
I will not use my table saws without this equipment installed and I will not let ANYONE use them either.

If you are mostly cutting solid stock for making small furniture for the fun of it, you actually don't need a table saw--but that's a whole 'nuther story! The special clamps to span the saw's fence are exactly what I needed rather than having to clamp my shop-made fence onto the edges of the tabletop. Another popular jig is a crosscut sled, used for pieces that are too large for the tablesaw's miter gauge.
Prior to this I'd made a similar setup for my Delta contractor's saw with a right side extension table with a shop-made router insert.
I have taught hundreds of 14 to 18 year old students, who I teach to use the tablesaw independently (I don't hold their hands). They hardly ever to come off the saw, even for angled cuts and cuts that don't go all the way through a board. Not once have I had a single injury involving the loss of blood on the tablesaw, and to memory I can only think of 1 student who was hit by a kickback (and he wasn't doing as he was taught). I've tried raising the blade (only as far as I felt comfortable with as a spinning saw blade high enough to feel the wind from it makes you think twice) and it does stop the burn.

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