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This sturdy router table has an MDF and plastic laminate top that will stay flat and stable despite extremes of humidity or rough treatment. The base and undercarriage for the tabletop were made from a couple 2x4s left over from a home project, all connected with screws and glue. Vinceowens writes: That's a neat router table, nothing fancy, but it will get the work done.
This Method of Work tip will save you shop space and give you a versatile router table to work on. If this plan interests you stay tuned for Fine Woodworking's 2010 Tools & Shops issue, due out this fall. CLICK HERE to  download the free PDF woodworking plan for the minimalist router table. Designed by furniture maker Doug Stowe, it's just a router mounted upside down on a piece of plywood.

A side-mounted paddle switch means I don't have to reach under the table to turn the router on or off. The main modification I would make is to include a track for a miter gague which would improve the table's versatility. Check in every weekday for news, information, projects, and answers to questions from Fine Woodworking readers everywhere.
One day when I pulled out the right side extension of the table I saw the potential to build an insert to accommodate a router. I saved money by making it out of leftover construction lumber and a few castoff parts from friends, and put money where it counted most: a router lift. The special clamps to span the saw's fence are exactly what I needed rather than having to clamp my shop-made fence onto the edges of the tabletop.
I offset the router lift insert a bit toward the infeed side and toward the back, thinking it would be good to have a little extra room to handle large workpieces.

Prior to this I'd made a similar setup for my Delta contractor's saw with a right side extension table with a shop-made router insert.
I haven't used the table in real life yet, so I'll have to let you know whether the idea was successful or whether I just outsmarted myself. The design, which I picked up from John White's "Ultimate Router Table" (FWW #153), allows me to replace the insert easily when it gets worn out.

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