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Fourteen dulcimers from the Appalachian Teaching Collection in the Loyal Jones Appalachian Center at Berea College, with information about their makers, based on the exhibit curated by Student Nathan Kouris in 2012.
Between the final fret of the fretboard and the bridge, there is a section of wood carved from the piece of wood that makes the pegbox and fretboard, and connects to the tailpiece.
The bridge serves the same function as the nut, but it is at the other end of the dulcimer. Without the bridge, the strings would run over the final fret, and the dulcimer would be rendered unplayable.

These steps will allow for an understanding of the craftsmanship behind creating these fine instruments. This elderly gent got up on the stage and started playing his home made dulcimer to the tune of an old Irish folk song. This creates an acoustic amplification effect, making the dulcimer louder so that it can be heard. Some have geared pegs, similar to what is used on a mandolin, guitar, or contrabass, while others have smooth wooden pegs similar to those on a violin.

Without any sort of amplification, acoustic or otherwise, the dulcimer would be so quiet that it would be hard for even the player to hear.
Ritchie helped her husband in his uncle’s shop where they sold three hundred dulcimers, in part beginning the folk music revival.

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