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Iodin built this Cowboy Cooler for my sister and her husband for Christmas 2009 woodworking plans for a cowboy cooler. TwitterContact us if you want us to link to your free woodworking plans or if you want to advertise on this web site. Many tradespeople in the woodworking industry make use of HVLP Turbine Systems to finish their product. DP-008 Electric hot dip paint sprayer gun can be used to spray paint, lacquer, and varnish, plastic dip etc.
Like conventional spray guns, conversion guns atomize finish with air supplied by a compressor, and that air must be filtered of both water and oil to avoid contaminating the finish. To best atomize a finish, three spray-gun adjustments must be balanced: fluid flow (the amount of finish leaving the gun), airflow (the amount of air exiting the spray cap), and fan width (how broad or narrow a pattern the gun can spray).

An HVLP turbine is a series of fans, called stages, that move a lot of air at low pressure, and more stages equal greater air output (rated in cubic feet per minute, or CFM), which means better atomization. Routing air from the turbine to the gun, the hose is the final big piece of the HVLP puzzle, and a good hose has durability, flexibility, and low weight. I have since done a display case for a Hockey Jersey & I am currently working on spraying trim for the house---I couldn't be happier with the results. As much as 80 percent of the finish that leaves a conventional spray gun bounces back off your workpiece, and winds up on every exposed surface, including the shop floor, walls, shelves, and tools. A knob on the gun controls fluid flow; to control airflow, most HVLP turbine systems costing more than $600 use a valve either in the air line or on the gun (we like the air control at the gun end of the hose, which saves walking back to the turbine). A too-stiff hose tends to steer the gun during spraying; a more flexible hose may not return to its original shape, restricting airflow.

And, as your spraying skills improve, you can use techniques like toning and shading (adding color between finish coats) that bring depth and sophistication to your finishes. HVLP sprayers, on the other hand, use a large volume of air at low pressure to break up, or atomize, the stream of finish leaving the nozzle into a fine mist. To put that demand into perspective, a 30-gallon compressor typically can power a lower CFM gun adequately, but it takes an 80-plus-gallon model to supply enough air for the hungriest guns.
Fan width makes up the third part of the atomization equation, and most guns provide a method of narrowing the fan width: either turning a knob at the rear of the gun or loosening the air cap.

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