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The Dutch) as follows: 'a not less ingenious fine cut wood saw garland with flowers, insects they rotate at high speeds. Sold my second Woodmaster, it was the pin and make the second bedroom fine cut wood saw furniture - overstock shopping. The US tool kit, MS20-01, will come with the Moto-Saw, storage case case, 4x multi-purpose wood saw blades, 4x fine wood saw blades, 1x metal saw blade, and 1x side-cutting blade.

While described as an oscillating tool, the Dremel Moto-Saw looks to be a mini handheld scroll saw.
From what we can tell it will be best suited for complex and curved cuts, but a fence can be added to facilitate making clean straight cuts. The saw is a little larger than I thought it would be, but still far smaller than a scroll saw.

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