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Now in all fairness, when I think of Festool I don’t immediately associate them with handheld planers. The HL850, or any handheld power planer for that matter, isn’t going to be a direct replacement for another tool in the shop.
Unique planing – the rustic cutter heads that Festool makes available for the HL850 are quite unique. Visit the Tool Hound video channel to watch video reviews of new and notable tools and take a closer look at how tools work.
Conventional planers run up against obstacles during practical use because of design limitations such as limited rabbet depth and heavy tool weight.

Festool has overcome these obstacles by introducing solutions that guarantee effortless operation, greater versatility and improved finished results. If you already have a jointer and a stationary planer, you probably aren’t going to be getting rid of those tools in favor of just using a handheld planer. First, I was interested in the rustic cutting heads that are available for it from Festool for some distressed furniture I was building. Below, you will find a comprehensive list of specifications for each of the planer models in the Festool line.
Multiple cutting heads are available for creating different rustic effects, and as with most Festool tools, dust extraction ports are incorporated to make cleanup fast and easy.

Although the HL850 is a workhorse, I think it is a little easy to overlook in the lineup of other Festool tools because as woodworkers we aren’t quite clear on how we might use it. True, Festool does make a bench attachment for the HL850 that turns it into a small jointer. Although some people say they do it without a problem, I’m not about to run an end-grain butcher block into my lunchbox planer.

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