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Staining and water sealing a deck or driveway on a periodic basis will certainly help keep the surface in top condition for many years. Before embarking on a driveway or deck coating or sealant project, it is often best to consult with a professional. Hi-Grip Plus non-slip decking is available in softwood, hardwood or FSC timbers with an epoxy bauxite non-slip overlay. Hi-Grip Plus provides an anti-slip surfacing that is ideal for use on bridges, decking, ramps, steps and entrances to buildings. The decking is sold directly to customers as a supply-only product or is specified as a part of a design and build scheme.

CTS cut the deck to length free of charge or can be supplied in random lengths for site cutting. Hi-Grip Plus non-slip surfacing is also available on steel plate decks suitable for use on bridges and boardwalks.
Hi-Grip Standard decking is available in softwood or hardwood and has a machine-grooved finish. Hi-Grip Excelâ„¢ non-slip decking is available in softwood, hardwood and with FSC accreditation. Versa-Deck is available in 3 different systems providing a waterproof deck coating for any type of deck surface and budget.

European Redwood and Ekki hardwood decking are the two most popular materials but other timbers are available on request.
Coat over Magnesite Diato Elastomeric Dexotex All Deck Mercoat Plywood Concrete Patio Roof Deck Stairway Landing Walkway.
The Versa-Deck line is completely breathable which will prevent dry rot which is caused by other urethane or slip sheeted deck systems if proper venting is not done.

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