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Elias Woodwork requires all orders to be prepaid with your VISA or MASTERCARD until credit terms have been established.
Elias Woodwork is committed to maintaining the accuracy, confidentiality and security of your credit card information.
If Elias Woodwork makes a mistake on your order, or if freight damage has occurred, we will replace the products on our Priority Plus service level at no charge. From custom table legs to custom radius cabinet doors, Elias Woodwork is equipped to produce whatever product you need to complete that next project. Elias Woodwork is equipped with a wide variety of state of the art equipment and skilled crafts people, which means we are able to produce many items not shown in this catalog.

The scheduled ship date shown will only take effect when the confirmation has been received by Elias Woodwork. Elias Woodwork strives to provide quick order lead times on all products in an effort to help your business run smoothly. In the woodworking industry, many projects can call for non-standard items that we don't show in our catalog but are needed in order to quote or complete a project.
Elias Woodwork has grown over the years by helping our customers satisfy their customers with the final product they were expecting and for a reasonable price. Every order sent to Elias Woodwork will have a confirmation sent back to the customer to verify that we understand what you want.

Please phone, email or fax all information and dimensions of such items as completely as possible so that an Elias Woodwork Customer Service Representative may provide you with an accurate quote as promptly as possible. Any other style and wood type is available; it would need manufacturing time prior to shipping.

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