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The computer desk inspiration is a new post from the series Workplace Inspiration, a post started a few days ago with the purpose to give you a few ideas, about a place that is present in any home, the computer desk.
If you are reading this blog you might be already at a computer desk, so a little inspiration is always good.
Today I present another 6 pictures but this time the computer desks are with dual monitors, it looks cool, and a little bit geeky. Dual Monitor, Multi Monitor or Multi Head Displays increase the area available for viewing multiple computer programs and tool palettes running on a single computer system.

Dual displays allow power users to increase their work space on the desktop, expanding their area of vision. If you are a design professional, you may request CAD blocks to assist your design process.
Internal wire management, cable ports on both sides, and open access to CPU make the DUO Desk an IT installer's dream. Fill out the form and we will get started on your complimentary Classroom Design Layout right away.

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