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The adjacent diagram depicts the manner in which the various Cir-Kit Concepts' parts are interconnected to form a working dollhouse electrical system. When the Cir-Kit Concepts' dollhouse transformer is plugged into an operating 115 vac outlet, 12 volts is provided at its output and coupled to the dollhouse via the transformer lead-in wire.
There are some wiring steps that I like to do during construction, before things like Dividers, the Gable Roofs, and the Rear Roof get in the way, so these things are only temporarily attached at the moment.

Doing a wiring plan will help you make as few connections as possible, but wherever you have to join taperuns, you overlap the tapewire and connect them together with eyelets.
A good wiring diagram helps to plan for as few connections as possible (always a good thing!).
No matter how careful you are with the wiring plan, there will still be several connections.

For this to work, you have to put double-sided tape (like carpet tape) on the wall before wiring.

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