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For a great deal on a crate and PVC pan however, check out the crate for Great Danes offer below.
Understand that the final size of a full grown Dane will vary and is most noticeable between males and females. The Midwest 1154U and the Solutions 54" Double Door Dog Crate are large crates suitable for your colossal, giant or extra large breed dog. This XXL dog crate is 54 inches in length, and is sized appropriately for your adult Great Dane.
There is a Great Dane 'club' at our bark park and it is really fun to see a half dozen of them racing around.

My local rescue loaned me two extra large crates for my new 10 month old Dane pups, but they are still growing and the Ginormus is the perfect size so that they can stand comfortably and hold their head up as well.
I thought this was a good question to bring up on the blog because this is often a stressful time for the new dog and the new owner.
My co-worker has a Great Dan pup and was just commenting the other day that he will soon need to shop for a bigger crate, as the current one is almost too small for the pup to stand in.
After getting it together it is not very stable but we only need it for 6 weeks cause our dog had surgery. I should have ordered the the divider right away as is way too big for puppy who is still being crate trained.

We also decided to get the bigger crate to save money if we got another dog, which we ended up doing. I joke with my husband that he will sleep in the dog kennel if he miss-behaves but he always tells me he would have more room in the kennel than in his own bed! But, this kennel offers lots of space and head room, perfect for any dog or dogs that you are looking to use it for!

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