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I know we said we’d be telling you how to build the roof portion of the playset today, but before we did that, we made a few changes to the original design to solve a couple of problems. You could also pour concrete footers and anchor the posts to them, but it’s a playset designed to hold kids, not a deck needing to hold a hot tub full of water.
Watching my father build that playhouse taught me some pretty basic life lessons — like the value of hard work and the satisfaction of doing something on your own.
About ShelterrificThis is site dedicated not to homemaking, but to home loving: Decorating, cooking, entertaining, organizing, gardening and making the most out of the places we call home. A while ago I showed you the playground Andy built for Weston, but every time I sat down to write the tutorial, I wanted to poke myself in the retina with a fork. When we decided to get Weston a playset we started shopping around and found that they start at more than $1,000 for what we want – so I decided to build one myself. Obviously we need some kind of playground of our own, but they all seem too gianormous and expensive.

After you get the kit, all you need to do is get the wood and follow the step-by-step plans. The plans are based on the assumption that the fort will be sitting on a perfectly level yard.
If I were building another one of these I would start with longer support corner beams and plant them into the ground and build everything off of the support beams so it’s level. This post if by far the most informative thing I have found in my seplace for finding the right playset.
My husband and I would love to build this for our two young daughters, but we would like to make the first floor into a playhouse (with a deck and half walls). After spending months reseplaceing the many options, I still found myself waffling on what to get: Do I bite the bullet and buy one of the top of the line play sets, from Rainbow, Gorilla or Superior. After the sticker shock of a brand new playscape wore off, we were confident and determined we could build one ourselves.

I made the roof a bit taller to better accommodate us taller kids but other than that I copied your plans verbatim. And who is a math teacher, and therefore gets forced to write all the lengthy mathy woodworking tutorials on this blog.
Then Isadora came out and walked across the wood pile using it as her own personal balance beam. I can remember watching him cut the wood as his sweat dripped onto the planks under the hot sun. One thing was for sure, with an average price tag of about $3,000, this playset decision wasn’t to be taken lightly.

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