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Whether coaxing together the closely fitted dovetails of a drawer, finger joints of a box, or mortise-and-tenon joints of a cabinet door, you'll appreciate the concentrated no-rebound striking power of this handsome mallet. The head of this mallet contains loose lead shot for controlled impact without bounce-back. As a convenience to allow you to view this free woodworking plan before downloading it, we offer a page-by-page review.
I used a bunch of scrap wood this time (but from the same board as the old Thagomizer!), and decided that I cared only to (sorta) align the pieces on the bottom of the head because I’d just be chopping off massive pieces anyway. This entry was posted in New Tools, Workbench and Workshop and tagged mallet project, mallet project 2, thagomizer by Brian.
As the mallet strikes the work surface, the shot moves forward immediately behind the blow to dampen the rebound and solidly transmit the force.

Other woods that would probably be okay are elm, maple, birch, maybe even cherry (though cherry is prone to checks and splitting). And because it puts more weight behind a short swing, a dead-blow mallet works great in close quarters. We make many wooden mallets every year, including wooden mallets tools, wooden mallets game and so on. Because I didn’t have any really thick stock at the time, I built the old mallet by face-gluing pieces of wood.
Another thing that helped me out a lot was to make a bunch of woodworking friends in the area. European mallets and other tools are made from this wood, mostly because it’s cheap and available there.

What are wood turning blanks, free standing storage shelf plans,simple creative wood projects. Once I removed the clamps, I cut a bevel on the top of the heads.  Below are a couple of pictures of the unfinished mallets. As a note, most people say that the oild exotic woods such as Padauk need to be cleaned with acetone and glues with epoxy.  I did neither - treating it no differently from others I just used standard Titebond II.

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