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Having recently gotten a huge box of wood veneer, and an iPhone 4, I decided I wanted to make a wooden case for it. Then slipped it inside the bumper case, going under the little rubber lip that goes around the phone. Skins and cases that transform make the iPhone 4 look like a camera have become pretty popular in recent days, but this case by Etsy seller Signimade still manages to stand out.
I am obsessed with telephones, and I made a wooden case for an old-fashioned landline phone, but this is beyond my skill.

I had to use some wire because I didn't think about the form warping under the wood stress; if I did it again I'd add printed joists across the middle. Elevated for wood barn and so want other hand tools which are part of good woodworking kinds. After letting that dry for some hours, I also applied the design layer to the back, made of some very pretty wood. And, after that had dried (I had some warping issues owing to the glue being water-based) I trimmed the back layers to the edges of the case, and sanded them down to be round. When done, I sanded the whole thing with 400-grit sandpaper and applied many coats of spray polyurethane wood finish according to the instructions on the can.

He fully disassembles the new devices and carve a piece-of-art wooden cases for them, each small part gets its own wooden case - the antenna, the sim-card, the battery. Custom phone cases for iphone 6, iphone 6 plus, iphone 5, Create and design your own phone or tablet case.

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