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The fact that I picked up a perfectly good board for no other purpose than this means that it’s decidedly not a scrap wood project. I’m new to the blogging world and have just started to post the DIY projects that I do. Alternatively, Emily from Merrypad built this couch sleeve with mitered corners and used angle brackets to attach the pieces, for those who like the mitered corner look. It was simply 3 pieces of wood that I cut and then glued together with a little bit of wood glue (measured to the appropriate width of my chair’s arms).

Here are three different ways to DIY a couch sleeve that provides a nice flat surface on the arm of your couch, perfect for setting down a drink. When I sit on a couch I like to sink back into a corner and curl up in such a way that it would take either a crane or a very large bar of dark chocolate to uproot me from my spot. You could also use angle clamps like this to hold the piece in place while gluing the joints instead of the angle brackets. I just finished two of these tables and we are no longer getting crazy if someone puts a hot cup on the couch.

I don't want to have to lunge over to the coffee table for a taste of my adult beverage, which is usually why, on any given day, you might find bottles of beer wedged between various cushions of my couch. I meant to do a tutorial a long time ago, but it was a really simple project and was literally just 3 pieces of wood, then glue to secure (simple, straight cuts).

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