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Personalizing Interior Decorating with DIY Wooden Letters, Numbers and SignsROOM DECORMATERIALSHOMEFURNISHINGSINTERIORDESIGN STYLESTABLEDECORATIONDECORATINGTHEMES contactdecor4allModern home decor ideas Modern Wall Decoration with Venetian Masks Made for a Masquerade Craft Ideas and Wall Decorations, Making Masquerade Ball Masks French Country Home Decorating Ideas from Provence Glass Bottle Decorating, Craft Ideas and Table Decorations Tweet Personalizing Interior Decorating with DIY Wooden Letters, Numbers and Signs Tweet Wooden letter designs personalize interior decorating in a moment.  A wooden letter and a number are meaningful and original home decorations that are creative and simple to make. We love a good monogram, so it’s no surprise that for our DIY gift ideas series, we have painted letters. For each letter, use a piece of painter’s tape to secure the ribbon on the back of the letter. Staple the ribbon on the back of the wooden letter by lining the staple gun up with to the top center of the letter.
Decorate your home with the finished letters using the hooks or just let them hang over a closed door!
Complete your decor this holiday with this cute DIY Entry Sign tutorial and bring Christmas cheer to all who enter your home! This DIY pigeonhole ornament holder is a great way to showcase your special Christmas ornaments.
This DIY wooden bottle tote makes a great gift or the perfect way to carry your favorite wine to your next celebration. Hi, it’s Tonya, and I’m sharing a few ideas for making DIY wood letters to decorate your home. Decorative wooden letters are simple to make, and you will probably already have most of the supplies on hand. As you can see from my list of supplies above, you can use almost anything to customize your wooden letters.

I chose to use scrapbook paper for this letter because the color and pattern were exactly what I was looking for.
You can easily cut out thick and sturdy wooden letters, numbers and signs out of pieces of wood using a scroll saw or a simple handheld coping saw. Wooden letters are a decor element that can easily add a personal touch to any room in your home.
Since we wanted to hang our letters over a door window, we cut each piece at a length of approximately two and a half feet.
You can expose as much of the wood as you like, or you may choose not to do this step and leave a clean look. As an alternative, you could attach a picture hanger to the back of your letter to hang it on the wall. Custom letters would look fabulous displayed on the mantel for Christmas and Easter, or for any occasion really. This is where you will find wooden letters in a variety of typefaces and sizes, some finished in white and black and some unfinished. Before you start any gluing, you want to play with the placement of all your small letters and your cutouts.
Don’t forget to add your wood cutout embellishment and a simple ribbon hanger on the back of your letter! After cutting it out, sand and paint these unique home decorations in colors that match your interior decorating color scheme.To hang your wooden wall letters and numbers, drill a hole in the top and add a ribbon.

Also you can place alphabet wooden letters and numbers on the shelf or furniture since they will stand up on their own. Check your smaller letters and cutout embellishment, in case they need a quick sanding as well. You can also purchase metal screws for wooden wall letters and numbers, screw them into the wood and have a loop, or eyelet at the top to hand a ribbon.You can buy wooden letters from craft stores very cheaply. If you like to use a wooden letter as a wall decoration, add a ribbon and you create a beautiful, meaningful and very decorative accent to hang on the wall for a fraction of the price of buying a store set. Plus, original wooden letters and meaningful numbers are great for personalizing interior decorating with a unique theme.There are many creative and unusual ways of decorating with wooden letters. Fabric covered or decorated with small objects, sea shells or dried flowers, numbers and alphabet wooden letters look fantastic, offering stylish interior decorating ideas for any room.Painted wooden numbers, cheap diy home decorations and interior decorating ideasTrace your letters on wood.
Alphabet wooden letters and numbers are great for craft projects and perfect as home decorations for  your family room, nursery, kids rooms, kitchen, bedroom and home office interior decorating.Creative interior decorating with wooden letters, DREAMSAlso wooden letters and numbers make very special and unique gifts add warmth and meaningful design to personalized interior decorating.

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