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How to Refinish and Restore an Entry DoorEntry doors take a lot of abuse from the elements.
How to Refinish an Exterior Wood Entry DoorExtreme changes in temperature and the effects of sun and rain, can take their toll on the finish of an exterior wood door. Extreme changes in temperature, coupled with the effects of sun and rain, can take their toll on the finish of an exterior wood entry door.
Occasionally a natural wood entry door will need to be refinished in order to counter the effects of the elements.
Use these step-by-step instructions to replace plexiglass installed in a front door with beveled art glass.

Instead of replacing a drab door, give it a chic update with affordable, semi-permanent vinyl adhesive wallpaper. Long ago, I watched out next door neighbor painstakingly strip the paint off, sand, stain and seal his west-facing front door.  The next year he was sanding and refinishing it again. There are many online tutorials to show you step by step what you need to know to refinish a solid wood front door. The easiest way is to remove the door, so you can lay it down horizontally to sand the deteriorating finish. Even with a heavy duty finish, stained wood with a clear finish will need periodic touchups every few years.

You also want to keep moisture from "wicking" up through the unfinished wood on the bottom edge of the door.

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