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Andrew Nutt from The Craftsman Experience shows everyone how to make a gun rack to safely store rifles during the hunting off-season. This is a video showing the Gun Cabinet I made, as well as the Rotary Gun Rack, and finally, the side racks that slide out of the cabinet. Build Your Own GUN RACK Wall Mounted San Angeo Style Pattern DIY PLANS; So Easy, Beginners Look Like Experts; PDF Download Version so you can get it NOW! Optional Lock Box for our Wall Racks (Racks sold separately see racks above) Attaches to any of our wall racks shown above. This new 2-piece gun rack is designed to hold 3, 4 or 5 long guns, rifles, shotguns, black powder or air guns.
NEW VERTICAL WALL RACK FOR 6 RIFLE, SHOT GUNS OR BLACK POWDER Our new Rifle Wall Rack Holds Six Long guns, with or without scopes.

When all is set and done I am able to house over 30 guns on this set up with the ability to expand to 60. The rack is a custom and versatile addition that can be easily mounted on a wall anywhere in your house.
Mount on a convenient wall… Easy to install, 2 screws hold each piece, Buttons cover the screws.
The pin makes it very difficult for the rifle or long gun to be removed once the pin has been installed.
Very attractive, will look good in any room making it easy to show your favorite guns and they will be quick to access. It is a great way to store your guns in your cabin or den, great for viewing and accessing.

If you already have one of our Vertical Racks, our new LOCK BOX can be ordered separately (below) & installed on your rack.
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