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After a little poking around, it dawned on me that the IKEA cabinets that are typically used for over the fridge storage would be the perfect size and a reasonable price.
Not long ago, we blogged about using IKEA kitchen cabinets for a DIY storage bench in our kitchen.
Either way, this is a clever idea for any room in the house that could benefit from some extra seating and some extra storage. Either way, this DIY is just as pretty as it is practical.When placed together, dresser drawers combine to make a custom bookshelf ideal for any recycled decor aficionado.
The beauty of this project from Urban Retro is its unfinished surface, which blends flawlessly with the rustic walls behind it.

And if your shelves start looking more cluttered than under control, take a page from the DIY book of Tanya from Dans le Townhouse– hide it with hanging canvases. A $10 garage sale score left Jacque of The DIY Village the happy owner of four wine crates. After some hard work and ingenuity, they were transformed into one of a kind rolling storage bins.
Sounds like a project worth trying.Often times the best organization solutions for our home come from the unlikeliest of places. The addition of a second shelf really ups the function, while the metallic paint and silver wire baskets bring glamour and sophistication. Thanks to storage, our lives run smoothly and clutter-free.

But necessity doesn’t have to be boring- upgrade your storage with some posh DIY solutions!

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