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I know that the easiest way to change the look of furniture is painting it, but sometimes it is nice to let some of the gorgeous wood come through. I was lucky to find this charming little desk in Oregon years ago in a yard sale for $5! The owner told me that she had bought it like 20 years earlier when it  was all wood, then she had painted it green, and years later she repainted it white.
Apply your wood finish to the clean wood surface. I like to use old t-shirts for this step.

Look how pretty it looks… I am loving the rich dark wood tone against the bright yellow.
Use a rag to rub the glaze uniformly on the wood. My favorite product is the Clear Mixing Glaze by Valspar.
I am a huge fan of two tone furniture, so when I am looking for thrifty pieces I like to make sure that the top is made of solid wood.

It is really important to have a clean surface to absorb the finish and ultimately make the wood look great! Here is my little Mimi giving mama a hand!

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