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Housing is the most expensive initial cost you will have when purchasing a rabbit, so naturally, you want one that will properly meet your rabbit's needs. Indoor hutches are usually even smaller than storebought cages, but building your own could ensure a good amount of living space for your rabbit, and it usually comes a lot cheaper than buying a cage from the pet store. I spent a few days researching various rabbit cages and for our place we needed something that was ascetically pleasing and functional as it was going in our living room. Note that the cage is completely open and has the rabbit's food, hay, and toys inside of it. If your rabbit is going to have free-range in an entire room, a dog crate usually works best.

A hutch this size would work for a free-range rabbit but a rabbit shouldn't be kept in one this small for extensive amounts of time.The hutch shown below was made from an old entertainment system and is an easy way to make an indoor hutch that also looks nice. To make these cages, you will also need zipties (or cable ties) to connect the grids together (the connectors that come with the grids are not sturdy enough for a rabbit cage).
If you have tile floors, they will be easy to clean in case of messes; so flooring wouldn't be an issue if the rabbits were to stay in a room with tile flooring. Just remember that your rabbit's cage, if it's going to be that small, should stay open at all times (except perhaps when you leave the house for short periods of time or when you feel uncomfortable letting the rabbit out).
It would cost much less for a DIY hutch than to buy an indoor one.This hutch was made by sawing open two window-like holes into the doors of an old entertainment system and inserting mesh into the holes.

A cut was also made in between the two sections of the system to allow for the rabbit to move easily from area to area.
Overall, x-pens are good investments because they provide the space and flexibility your rabbit will need for its lifetime. A 16 - 20 sq foot NIC cage would cost about $60-70 (including flooring and zip ties) and will last your rabbit it's entire life.

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