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You could easily solve that problem if you had a magazine rack where you could just store them all. Magazine racks come in all sorts of designs and there are also lots of DIY projects you can try. For this project, for example, you need two vintage tennis rackets with brackets, a wooden crate and something for the table top if you want one. If you are anything like my family, you probably have a magazine or two lying around your house.
While browsing Etsy for options to help get our accumulation under control, I fell in love with this “M is for Magazine” holder by Paper Doll Wood Shop. My mother-in-law has started asking for Christmas gift ideas and since this magazine holder was something I wanted and needed I immediately wrote down the information.

Now that my magazine holder is complete and I know just how easy it was to make I plan on building one for each of my siblings this year. Step 2: Using a finish nail gun and the pieces of poplar wood you just cut, attach the back piece of the magazine holder to your “M’s”. Step 4: I ended up choosing to paint my magazine holder and picked white so it would work in any room. Affix one end of your cord to the top outside of your rack using screws and something to hold it down. My husband gets hunting magazines that he likes to keep and this would be the perfect place to store them.
There’s nothing worse than piling your magazines on the coffee table (or behind on top of the toilet).

The width of your magazine rack is going to be 16", but you can adjust the height however you like - it doesn't have to be 29"! If a magazine rack is something you hope to have last you for awhile, the electrical cord is durable and easy to work with. Affix the last end to your rack just like you did the first end, and chop off the remaining part of your cord.
For the first rung, mark 4 inches down from the top of your rack, and then mark every two inches until you have 8 marks.

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