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An entryway bench is a really great option when you have a small (or no!) entryway, as is common in most smaller homes. Thank you so much for adding my mudroom bench and bench cushion tutorial to this awesome line up. Hi Ana, I'm preparing a cut plan for the bench and wonder about the 2x12 for the sides and vertical dividers. Throughout this part, you must use a t-square or right-angle-thingy to make sure your bench unit is perfectly square.  No one wants a wonky bench. Finally, attach your finished bench seat to the base with a large squiggle of wood glue and then your nail gun.

Ashley and I teamed up withPureBond Plywood to not only build this piece, but also video the entire process… From buying the wood to moving the finished piece into the house. This was shared over three posts to get all their storage projects in, but we are linking specifically to the bench post. It can be pressed into service as temporary seating at the dining table when entertaining, or even used as a sofa or side table in a pinch. And it helps to create an entryway when there is no formal space at the door, by providing some structure.
Here are our picks for DIY entryway benches, and we have lots of tutorials here to save you money!

Our feature project, above and below, is a great step by step tutorial for a farmhouse bench from Home Depot.

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