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This is the story of my $2 thrift store dollhouse makeover and how I furnished it for nothing. After spending so little on the house itself, I couldn’t bring myself to throw a bunch of expensive dollhouse furniture inside. When I was little, one Christmas my parents and my auntie collaborated to create a totally awesome dollhouse for him, and I loved it SO MUCH! ANYway, I loved nothing so much as creating accessories and furniture and things for the dollhouse.
Hi Vicky, I didn’t make any people for the dollhouse because my daughter has like a thousand plastic figurines (think Mickey Mouse and friends) that I figured she would use anyway. I love your dedication to using things you’ve found around your home, your dollhouse looks like it belongs to The Borrowers!

Dollhouse miniature furniture: free plans, instructions, Learn how to make miniature and dollhouse furniture with simple hand tools. Doll houses, doll house furniture and dollhouse miniatures, Doll house kits and dollhouse furniture. Free doll house plans – how to build a dollhouse, Free doll house plans, dollhouse plans, how to build a doll house. I saw a headboard at my local Habitat for Humanity Restore for $15 and thought it would make an excellent dollhouse. I may be stealing your fabric wallpapering idea for my little girl’s dollhouse, which also came from the thrift store.
If you love the idea of a dollhouse filled with min modern design then this article and slideshow just may steal your heart…If this intrigues you just a wee little bit (pun completely intended) then you can also view the Modern Miniatures group on Flickr or follow the blog Miniatures by Annina.

Amazing how much has changed (and what hasn’t — the love of dollhouses!) in 20-some years!
My mom and daughter just started decorating a dollhouse together… I think they may need a modern room or two!

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