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Author Notes:  Hi Everyone!I hope you had an awesome weekend, blessed with great weather and lots of DIY! In order to make deeper you would probably have to build a box below the shelf surface to accomodate the crown molding. Jacque, my wife, and the other half of The DIY Village has been kindly reminding me that I promised to make her a decorative shelf for our downstairs half bathroom. Once the shelf was constructed, I set it aside and began working on the more challenging part of the project…the crown molding.
If you’re anything like I used to be, the idea of using crown molding for a project was an intimidating undertaking!
For the purposes of building this shelf, you’ll need three separate pieces of crown molding, a piece long enough to span the length of the shelving boards, and two pieces that are called return stops.

Attach the return stops to the front piece of crown molding with a quick drying construction adhesive. The adhesive dries pretty quickly, but as an added safety, apply some tape to help keep the crown pieces from shifting. Once the adhesive had dried on the crown molding, it’s time to fit them onto the shelving boards. The only thing left to do before priming and painting is to caulk all of the joints on the shelf. I was then¬†instructed¬†asked by my better half to paint the shelf white…Which I did, no questions asked. With the addition of the wheel handles, the shelf was ready to make it’s way into our half bath.

I like the fact that you could make the shelf the exact length you need, as well as the depth. To hold the crown molding at the correct angle, clamp a straight edge onto the shelving board that acts as a stop for the molding pieces. I barely had enough time to get the shelf hung before Jacque started bringing in the accessories. She asked that I incorporate crown molding into the shelf, along with some hardware to hang hand towels.

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