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This wood chips moisture tester measures the water content and the temperature of different grades wood chips, sawmill wood chips or forest wood chips.
Wood moisture meterI found that all they do is measure DC electrical resistance of the wood, and use that to calculate moisture content.
Wood Handbook, Chapter 13: Drying and Control of Moisture Contentthe piece of wood being tested is not cut or damaged, except for driving electrode . Interpretation Of Moisture Test ResultsMoisture testing is used as an indicator of moisture intrusion or water damage.
Drying and Control of Moisture Content and Dimensional Changeswood will minimize moisture content changes that might occur after drying .
Water content - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaFor wood, the convention is to report moisture content on oven-dry basis (i.e. PRACTICAL ASPECTS OF MEASURING MOISTURE IN BUILDINGSwhich limit the utility of raw moisture content readings. Moisture and WoodMoisture content (MC) is a measure of how much water is in a piece of wood relative . Physical Properties and Moisture Relations of WoodMoisture content of wood is defined as the weight of water in wood expressed as a . TLP Library The structure and mechanical behaviour of woodGenerally, increasing the water content of wood lowers its strength. Sampling and Testing Wood Pulp Shipments for Moisture, Test - TAPPIMost woodpulp is shipped sheeted or baled. Moisture and Mold GrowthIn other words, moisture is not migrating to or away from the tested material. Moisture content-strength adjustments for woodMOISTURE CONTETIT-STRENGTH ADJUSTEJLETITS FOR WOOD];.
D143-09 Standard Test Methods for Small Clear - ASTM InternationalThese test methods cover tests on small clear specimens of wood that are made . So far, both large-scale consumers like hospitals, schools or the armed forces, but also individuals had to rely on statements by manufacturers and retailers without being able to test the quality of wood. Once representative and homogenised samples are taken, the ash content is determined by burning a wood sample in a muffle furnace.
Memmert drying oven UF for water content determinationDetermining the humidity content in the vacuumThe department of quality assurance of a pharmaceutical expert determines the dry content of gel capsules in accordance with Standard 731 of the USP (United States Pharmacopeia), and the water content in accordance with USP 921 in a Memmert vacuum drying oven VO. For the determination of the wood moisture content, Georg Kramer recommends kiln drying with the drying oven method to check the accuracy of common quick moisture meters. Moisture meter with insertion probe for the determination of water content of wood chips with datalog.

Wood chips moisture meter for the determination of water content of wood chips of classes P16 to P45, in high temperature construction, + 5 to + 85°C. Community Development SpecialistThe Theory and Practice of Drying - Moisture Content of TimberOct 10, 2006 . Methods of Determining the Moisture Content of WoodIt mustbe remembered that it involves determining the moisturecontentof test . Avoid These Mistakes When Moisture Testing Wood FloorsDifferent meters are calibrated to test the moisture content of different materials. Effect of wood moisture content on adhesion of varnish coatingsKey words: Adhesion, axial pull-off test, varnishes, moisture content, wood materials. Moisture content in Industrial Wood ProcessingWater content or moisture content determination .
WOOD FRACTURE PATTERN DURING THE WATER - SciELOWood fracture performance is influenced by temperature and moisture content with .
Burn Dry FirewoodJust insert the meter tip into the long side of a split piece of wood and test it.
The head of the Institute for Wood Technology in Bad Wildungen advertises relentlessly for the quality assurance and certification of wood fuels such as split logs and wood chips and develops solutions for professional equipment for test laboratories. Those who want to perform standard-compliant tests in Europe need to purchase a series of individual standards with up to 70 pages of content.
Georg Kramer has compiled a guideline for the quality assurance of wood chips, with which the quality of wood can be assessed, in cooperation with the test laboratory of the University of Applied Forest Sciences Rottenburg and in accordance with EN 15234 and EN 14778 for the testing of biogenic fuels. The wood sample is weighed at a measurement accuracy of one gramme and subsequently dried at 103 °C ± 2 until constant weight.
Highly accurate moisture meter with automatic bulk density compensation for the quick determination of water content of wood chips, barks, wooden pellets, elephant grass, wood shavings and sawdust.
Applications: Measuring instrument with insertion probe for wood chips and ram electrode for round timber and split logs or special probes, for measuring round timber, split logs, wood chips, sawdust, pellets, hay and straw bales.
Determination of water content by a 400 ml sample with sample temperature measurement for beech, birch, oak, spruce, pine, poplar. Simplifies the moisture measurement of extremely wet wood chips using an intelligent software solution. Water's effect on the mechanical behaviour of wood - DoITPoMSSome wood samples are soaked in water for 24 hours. TQL 27 Measuring Moisture Content.pmdMeters use changes in electrical properties caused by the wood to provide an estimate of the moisture content. Moisture Problems in Wood - NZ Moisture Metersmoisture differential develops in wood, leaving the surface drier than the core.

The oven drying method is usually an accurate way of estimating the moisture content of a test section of wood. This resulted in increasing professionalism of equipment for the production, drying and processing of wood waste.
Quite a number of criteria is considered for assessment, like for example storage, transport and loading type, the selection of raw wood, drying method, particle size, bulk density and above all, the ash and humidity content. Then, it is weighed again and its moisture content is determined according to the formula above.
Wood Chip Moisture Meters - Biomass Moisture MetersBiomass Moisture Content Meters are specially-designed for accurate moisture measurement or water content of wood chips, barks, wood pellets, straw or miscanthus, elephant . Novel non-destructive methods for woodNowadays, sampling and destructive testing methods are frequently needed to . Information on the correct methods for oven-drying wood samples to determine moisture content. This type of wood, which mostly cannot be used for the industry, makes up the larger part of material used for fuel wood. The humidity content is of particular importance for the heating value and thus the quality of fuel wood. Dimensional Changes in Wooda balance point between the wood's moisture content and that of the surrounding .
If the firewood is well seasoned then it should have a moisture content of 20% or lower, a few logs at . 1.0 Introduction and BackgroundThe American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) has established three standard methods for measuring the moisture content of wood. I have just taken over managing a wood manufacturing operation, but my knowledge about wood, . Vibration Testing for the Evaluation of the Effects of Moisture Content on the In-Plane Elastic Constants of Wood.
In the long run, too high humidity of the wood causes malfunctions in the expensive heating system and consequently increases repair and maintenance costs. For another thing, the household oven of course has no overtemperature protection and the device that runs at least 24 hours (and frequently over night) is nonetheless left to itself, not to mention the often unpopular smell of wood it leaves behind.
Under ideal conditions, ready-to-use split logs have a wood moisture content of 18 to 22% (=air-dried), at maximum <25 %.

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