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Derby Monkey is pleased to offer you the following free Pinewood Derby car templates and plans.
You may use the following templates for your own personal use or for the use of your scout pack or other youth organization.
If this is your first time building a pinewood derby car, I suggest starting out with a simple design requiring only a few cuts of the block.
If you were given a pinewood derby kit then you can start with the first step on this page.

You can make the wheels faster by sanding the tread area to remove high marks and other imperfections and by removing the step from the outer hub (removing the hub step may be illegal in some pinewood derby races). An easy design is to cut your car in a wedge shape then add our plastic parts to create your car.
Feeler GageUse this gage to set the proper gap between the wheel and body on your pinewood derby cars. Any other reproduction or redistribution without the consent of Derby Monkey is prohibited.

All works in these templates and plans, including text and graphics, are the sole property of Derby Monkey.

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