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After some disappointing offerings over the last few years, Delta seemed to be rebounding with gusto. We’ll continue to keep you up to date on all related developments in the Tool Addicts blog. I find it fascinating that those in the trades lament the slow departure of tool manufacturers from the lower 48, so to speak.
I have bought 2 different Delta machines (both Chinese)one of them being a 12in benchtop variable speed drill press that came real close to burning my shop down when the switch shorted out in the middle of the night and was in a molten mess on my bench the next morning.
I am very thankful I already have about 95% of the machines and tools I will ever need and most of them are US made. It would cost me triple or quadruple what I have spent to get the same quality of machines and tools I own.
On Delta quality, the last two Delta tools I bought were made in China and of atrocious quality. Fred_Walker writes: Finelinewoodworking made the following, very interesting, comment "Maybe the woodworking community ought to get together and put their heads together and design and build a new U.
As a long user of Delta Machines, I hate to see them be out sourced, not only because of the lower quality controls in these foreign facilities, but mostly for the loss of AMERICAN jobs.

If you want get the public to pay for higher quality tools, you need to start by putting them back in the hands of the public that will someday buy them.
We'll see how the quality holds up, but I confidently predict an even more active market in used stationary tools. I have no hope that this move to Asian manufacturers will lead to any good, for our country, our tools, as well as just about everything else. August 4, 2011 Stuart Leave a Comment Delta, under new ownership, has announced that they just shipped out 300 new made-in-USA Unisaw table saws. June 20, 2011 Stuart 3 Comments Check out this great video review and writeup on Delta’s relatively new 22-590 wood thickness planer. May 26, 2011 Stuart 5 Comments Delta has recently announced a new 5-year warranty for their power tools, and Duo-Fast has announced that their hardwood floor nailer and stapler would be covered by a new 10-year warranty. August 27, 2009 Stuart 3 Comments   Delta has recently introduced a new line of premium full-kerf saw blades. The new company has been renamed Delta Power Equipment Corp.I spoke with the new CEO of Delta, Bryan Whiffen, about the deal and about the future of Delta woodworking tools. A couple new tools FWW looked at last year—the updated Unisaw (FWW #207) and a new 18-in.

Even though most of everything Delta sells is Chinese made anymore at least the dollars were still flowing into our economy. Even if you’re not in the market for such a tool, the video is pretty instructive and great for future reference. Whiffen is no stranger to power tools, having been in the field since 1994, most recently as the senior vice president for product development at Techtronic Industries North America (TTI). I have all pre export Delta tools but I have been buying General tools now and am extremly happy. Serious furniture makers will be happy to know that Delta has no plans to veer from their interests and needs. Up to this point, I felt they made a quality tool with professional results at a very affordable price.

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