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The style is descended from the cylinder desk, which featured one piece of carved wood that slid in a fixed track to cover the desk. With a curving roll top, large drawers, and lots of nooks and crannies, these desks make a statement.
The sturdy desks come in strong wood, like mahogany and cherry, with lustrous stains that range from wheat to deep ebony. Woodworking kits are additionally found the LARGE problem: Most plans in addition to woodworking.
At this age, it is not always about the efficiency of the desk, but also the style of the desk.

You can tuck all of your miscellaneous paperwork and mail, accumulated pens and knickknacks, and chargers and cables into the desk cubbies and then shut the roll top to keep the organized mess hidden.
A large oak roll top desk with a natural wood stain fits seamlessly into a home with traditional decor. Cylinder desks were expensive and rare because it was hard to shape the wood perfectly and prevent it from warping over time, but the horizontal slats of the roll top desk made it easy to manufacture on a mass scale. If you like modern pieces, look for a daintier antique roll top desk with slender legs and dark wood.
The roll top desk fell out of favor around WWI; various sources blame its tendency to collect stacks of paper or a trend toward increased teamwork at conference tables.

But demand for these classically stylish desks is ongoing, as demonstrated by the vast inventory of roll top desks listed on eBay.
The timeless, rooted feeling of an impeccably crafted wooden roll top desk makes the piece feel like a part of history.

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