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I think that dark stained doors work well with a painted trim, as long as the stain is consistent with the rest of the wood work in the room.
What a great way to lighten up a space with lots of dark trim, without losing all the character of the stained wood – especially if the home is old and it still has original stained wood. For example, if you are mixing different wood materials (doors, beams)  the stain should be matched to look the same.
I was recently asked this decorating question by one of my readers: “I am looking for paint colors that would look good with my walnut stained woodwork and doors. Instead of a stark white to work with stained woodwork, I always suggest using a beiger, creamier white because it does not make the woodwork stand out and scream.
It is true Jane- the warmer colors look best with stained trim and the cooler colors look best with white trim.

I have actually usually gone for light trim with stained colours for a clean contrast but I am liking the darker colour, nice tip thanks for sharing!
I have mahoany trim and doors throughout my home, and am going with a green color for the walls as you have mentioned. Veranda Estate Homes & InteriorsFor the home in the above image I used the same stain color on the beams, window, and any stained wood work in the home. A majority of the interior design photos you see now are all in white including the trim and doors. Or, if you are looking for a bolder and more contemporary look, I would suggest using a medium to darker color for the walls which will work beautifully together with the stained wood trim. It’s been over 6 months and I am stuck because we have wood trim the color of dark honey.

The key is to keep all of the stained material the same color and then a bit of a contrast with the flooring. Dark stained doors would look great with a pianted trim, as long as the stain is consistant with the rest of the wood work. Maybe I will try and be bold with a darker color, but I also worry my small house with feel like a cave. And if you are mixing wood materials you should get the stain matched to look the same on the differnt species.

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