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Outside of workshop-oriented projects like workbenches and router tables, there’s no simple project like the cutting board that attracts and challenges new and experienced woodworkers alike.
From LumberJock dewoodwork, whose cutting boards are the most beautiful I saw out of all the plans, guides and tutorials currently on the web.
Since we started with mostly end grain cutting boards I thought I’d finish with them first rather than rushing into the laminated long grains… Enjoy!
It looks to me like the laminated long grain (also called flat grain) cutting boards are a bit easier to make than the end grains, especially those above.
Rolling cutting boards, cutting boards designed to fit around your favorite bowl, cutting boards that defied my other categories… You’ll find them all here!
This plan will give you an oversized cutting board that would even make Martha Stewart proud!
Striped: Cut your boards to size and sand each edge that will sit adjacent to another edge.
Checkerboard: Follow the instructions in the previous step for completing the striped cutting board. If you’ve spent any time in the kitchen chopping up ingredients you know how handy this cutting board would be with its inset bowl.
A cutting board is one tool that most of us would agree is absolutely necessary in the kitchen (unless you have wood countertops, maybe).
If you and yours obsess over getting your ingredients exactly right, this cutting board is right up your alley. White and wood is used so often in product design because it always looks great and its style is timeless.

Here’s a porcelain and maple board that eases the transfer from cutting to pot or plate, though I might say the Rinse and Chop Board seems to do the same with the extra added function of draining. This is an excellent design for the kitchen- chop, then rinse and drain all with the same board.
This clever chopping board features a hinged top that folds flat into a chute, thereby creating a colander at one end. These cutting boards feature slightly abstracted digital prints of wood grain laid beneath textured glass. The guys at furni have designed an affordable, eco-friendly cutting board with interchangeable preparation bowls. Probably not – you can really show off your creativity and wood pairings with end grain cutting boards.
Long grain cutting boards have a tendency to wear out more quickly than the end grain cutting boards, but they sure do look great. Provided for are options for both striped and checkerboard patterns, but a single color and specie is always an option.
Designer Klaus Hackl implements the two-tone palette in Maple and porcelain for his series of Cut & Paste cutting boards. The technique for butcher block counter tops, is almost precisely the same, only the pattern and layout is different. A little stripe action and suddenly the serving board lives on the wall instead of in a cabinet.
Prefinished with their cutting board oil, each board should last for generations if used often and cared for properly.

The round board is particularly striking because its grain is a cross-section of a tree trunk, featuring sequential rings and spider-web fissures.
Plans from this page are not to be used for commercial purposes or republished without the express written consent of Rayan Turner, The Design Confidential I hope to provide accurate plans, however, I cannot guarantee each plan for accuracy.
Unlike real wood, these boards are completely sterile, wash easily, and won’t develop mold or absorb flavors.
As far as cutting boards go the “basket weave” design is one of the more challenging ones requiring lots of patience and skill.In this article I want to share my design with you along with some tips for making this type of cutting board. You could make this with an end grain design to make it more durable but the 3D illusion would be drastically reduced with the lack of a consistent grain running along the length of the board.Basket Weave Cutting Board DesignThis certainly isn’t a unique concept or design on my part. If you go online you can find hundreds if not thousands of similar designs for “3D” cutting boards. The “basket weave” cutting board design is really fun and also a bit challenging which is nice for woodworkers looking to step up their game a bit compared to some of the basic end grain boards.Above is the design that I used for my cutting board. Otherwise the pattern won’t really look like what I’ve shown here.For this board I chose to make it a bit thinner than some of the end grain boards I’ve made. I run their design-build division that specializes in custom homes, commercial design-build projects and sub-divisions.
I'm also a licensed civil and structural engineer with extensive experience in civil and structural design and home construction.

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