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A sliding router table jig, such as the Rockler Router Table Box Joint Jig works with any router table with a miter slot (Photo 1). Master Craftsman Chuck Hedlund shows you how to create this simple box joint jig from scraps, then demonstrates its use.
The jig’s sliding fence holds the workpiece vertically and guides it over the router bit. Reposition the stock to the left so that the notch you just cut fits over the guide rail, and repeat the process of routing notches along the length of the joint.

The jig works much the same way as a sliding table saw box joint jig (as described above), except that instead of having a pin attached to its sliding fence, the Rockler jig has a guide rail that’s used to evenly space notches along the length of the joint. Been thinking craftsman router box joint jig in terms of building a garage big pro frame mortise & tenon jig and final installment. Router features (the floor groove and lid rabbet) are cut while the board is still in one piece. You can do this with just about any jig that you want and you'll get free plans and even videos.

Master Craftsman Chuck Hedlund shows you how to create this simple box joint jig from scraps; then demonstrates its use. To cut the mating workpiece, offset the first cut by the width of a pin, then continue routing as before.

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