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Nothing gets kids into the holiday spirit quite like a great Christmas craft -- and below are 13 festive and fantastic crafts. These pine cone gnomes are just about the MOST adorable craft ever and an awesome way to use those pine cones your toddler loves to pick up on nature walks. This craft is more than just fun for a young child because recycled Christmas tree crayons also make a great stocking stuffer or small gift for your little one’s friends, meaning your child gets to help make homemade holiday gifts. If you’ve got a handful of scrap felt or old sweaters full of holes, then this sweet Christmas tree craft can help you recycle that wool into something awesome. If you are a formula feeding mom you probably have a bunch of empty formula cans that you have no idea what to do with. Pinterest user Lydia Hickerson has found a way to wrangle the puzzle pieces that your kids are always losing in the bottom of the toy bin, and we all know how sad Dora looks with only one eye.

Babies Online has some other ideas for formula can crafts, including using them to store dry goods in the kitchen, which is great because no matter how old people get, they still can’t figure out exactly how to close the box of crackers before they get all stale.
I think these look super cute and if you are planning with gardening with your kids this would be a fun seed project.
Pinterest user Tracey Van Lent turned her old formula cans into a monster toss game for a party. I made some cute little flower pots with mine and used a couple to put my spatulas and things in.
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All of these Christmas crafts involve recycled materials or materials you and your child can source in nature. This cute craft is perfect for winter as is, or you can make bright green and red felt hats and mittens if you want more festive gnomes.
Note that some of these crafts do require parent participation; especially if you've got a younger child -- but no worries because these crafts are fun for people of all ages!

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