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Today I got another lesson in chisel-plane use from Carl Bilderback that I’d like to share with you. In any case, Carl said that one of the reasons he was always sought out for repairs was because he owned a chisel plane.
Now I have had no trouble trimming face grain with a chisel plane, but trimming end grain with a chisel plane has always been difficult for me. A chisel planes always been one of those tools that no matter how much you try & jutify purchasing you always come slightly short.

For what it’s worth, I often use my chisels to pare away end grain in much teh smae manner Chris demonstrates on things like slightly proud through dovetails, etc. Let’s not forget those bullnose planes that allow you to remove the nose piece, thereby leaving you with a chisel plane. A normal chisel would work fine for paring things on the edges of your work, but a chisel can only sit flat as long as the blade can reach, so after a few inches you run into the handel and have to tilt it up to go any further, then you risk gouging the surface. That seems to me to be the main advantage of a chisel plane, trimming things flush in the middle of large surfaces where a paring chisel can’t reach.

I would just use a regular plane on a plug in an unfinished surface, but I can see how the chisel plane would be superior for a finished surface, to avoid gouging the surrounding areas.
I could see how the mass of the big one and the length of its sole would be an asset in places that weren’t tight.

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