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I used the base of the chaise to assemble the back by aligning each board on top of the other to ensure a good match when the back was attached. It definitely, cost more than 25 $ per chair, just went and spent $40 on wood and hinges alone!
I’ve been pining for these chairs for years, and I agree with you, that price tag from PB is too steep! I was recently pricing lounge chairs for our new pool and i cannot believe how EXPENSIVE they are, I never thought of making one out of wood!

I’ve been coveting those chairs at PB every time I glance at the catalog, but like you, no way was I going to spend that $.
Thread one bolt through a washer, slide the bolt through the whole on the outside rail, add one more washer, add the back of the chair, add another washer and then the nut on the end. The two camp chairs are just old family chairs that I took apart, cleaned, sanded, repainted and replaced old rusty hardware to save money too. Trust me, you will move it more than you think, like every time the angle of the sun changes.

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