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However there are so many cedar chest plans around, that choosing the right one for your skill level can be difficult. Next, choose cedar chest plans that have some design notes, and includes suggestions for the finishing, general design and ideas for ornamental additions to make to the cedar chest. Adding handles and front clasps are great ideas a for the chest as it makes moving the chest around rather easy.  Similarly, friction lid support or any like mechanism prevents the chest from closing suddenly, and should be installed in chests where there are small children in the house.
The third feature you have to bear in mind while choosing cedar chest plans is the list of materials used in making it besides cedar.  The plan should have a detailed cutting list of the wood. Most cedar chest plans come with instructions framed using woodworking jargon like tongue, grove and dovetail joints.

You have to choose your plan based on whether you want to construct the chest walls using solid pieces of wood, or if you plan to join pieces together to form its base, top and sides. As cedar chests are actually easy to construct, with clear cut cedar chest plans and instructions, you won’t end up frustrated building your cedar chest.  In fact, once you find the right cedar chest plans and build a cedar chest, your woodworking skills improve and give you more confidence in attacking more difficult projects in the future! Cedar is most popularly used for making chests as cedar not only provides moth protection, it also gives the blankets stored in the chest a clean and fresh scent.
Not only should you have sufficient room to keep the chest, but  you should be able to easily open and close its drawers. I often shop HomeGoods, Tuesday Morning, and Kirkland’s, mainly looking for home decor ideas.

You can also decide on the size of your chest based on how many blankets you plan to store in it.

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